Propane Company Expanding at Port Tampa Bay

A company that for 10 years has imported liquid propane in to Port Tampa Bay is switching gears. With the price of liquid propane gas now lower in the United States than abroad, Sea-3 of Florida, Inc. will begin purchasing domestic propane to supply the local market.The company is also adding the option of exporting liquid propane.

The port’s board of commissioners this week approved a permit for the company to begin adding $15 million in infrastructure at its port facility so it can bring liquid propane in by train, store it in three new 90,000 gallon “bullets,” then supply the local market and at times, ship it out to foreign ports.

“The fracking that started in this country about three years ago is going full blast, producing a lot of propane at a very cheap price,” said Paul Bogan, vice president of operations for Sea-3. “We are going to take advantage of the domestic propane, bringing it in by rail. Some will go directly to the truck rack for domestic use in the Tampa area and within 50 or 100 miles and some we may or may not export.” The propane will come from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, he said.

In addition to the storage tanks, Sea-3 plans to add compressors, dryers, piping and approximately 1,500 linear feet of railroad sidetrack for storing rail cars. The company will also use two existing sidetracks at the adjacent Gaetanno Cacciatore, Inc. Cement Terminal.

The port board also agreed to grant the necessary easements to the company to add the sidetrack.

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