Power Conversions Provides Turn Key Converts from Diesel to Electric

Source: Mass Transit

Image credit: Power Conversions, Inc.

Power Conversions Inc., has announced that it plans to convert diesel and gasoline buses into 100 percent Quite Electric Buses with zero emissions.
“We take an older Gillig bus and remanufacture it by removing the diesel or gasoline engine, belt driven components, radiator and other parts not needed. The engine compartment is restored with our pre-engineered conversion kits. The kits are shipped on skids and include electrical components, UQM high performance, liquid cooled propulsion system, liquid cooled full feature digital signal processor controller, electric HVAC system, power steering pump, air compressor, and LED interior and exterior lighting are installed”, said Kent Simpkins, founder of the company.
Advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology, utilizing efficient battery management with electronic controls can allow buses today to go well over the 100 mile target range. The bus management system measures cell voltage, batteries overall state, uniformity, equalization, fault diagnosis and high/low temperature of the cells. Using more batteries can increase the range up to 350 miles, but the most economical way, is to use smaller batteries and take advantage of the new quick charge system, which adds 25 miles for every few minutes of charging.

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