Clean Energy Awarded Multi-Year Extension by DARTs

Source: Clean Energy, Business Wire

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. announced that Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), one of the country’s largest transit agencies to move away from diesel to natural gas, has extended Clean Energy’s operation and maintenance contract for an additional four years. Clean Energy services DART’s four compressed natural gas (CNG) facilities supporting 537 buses and 123 shuttles and paratransit vehicles. These stations are anticipated to dispense approximately 40 million gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs) over the contract period.

On July 27, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA) approved the purchase of an additional 65 CNG buses, expanding on a purchase earlier in July of 295, for a total of 360 new CNG buses. LAMTA currently operates the largest CNG fleet in the nation with a total of 2,250 buses, all of which may, at the option of LAMTA, be fueled by Clean Energy’s Redeem™ brand of renewable natural gas (RNG) that is the cleanest transportation fuel available rated 70% cleaner than diesel. These new buses will be fitted with CWI’s latest L9N engines, which have NOx emissions 90% lower than the current EPA NOx limit of 0.2 g/bhp-hr.

In addition to these two agreements in the transit market, Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit has extended its LNG fueling contract with Clean Energy, as has Orange County Transportation Authority.

The Cities of Fresno, California, and Tempe, Arizona, along with the National Park Service Grand Canyon and Kings County Area Public Transit in Hanford, California, have each signed operations and maintenance agreements with Clean Energy for their stations. These agencies are estimated to dispense close to 6 million GGEs per year.


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