Loop Energy Introduces Fuel Cell Range Extender for Electric Transport


Source: Renewable Energy Magazine

At the core of the module is Loop’s fuel cell design which has been designed to substantially improve performance, durability and cost. Following a three-year development period, the Loop power module is now being integrated by an original equipment manufacturer and will begin in-service operation in 2017.

Fuel cell range extenders, or auxiliary power units, are critical to zero-emission trucks and buses as they extend the range of battery-electric systems using on-board hydrogen fuel. The Loop module provides a breakthrough in terms of cost and power density, making range extension economically viable for a broad array of applications.

“This is a defining moment for Loop as we advance the transit and trucking sectors forward in terms of their ability to meet performance, cost and large-scale carbon reduction targets” said Ben Nyland, President and CEO of Loop Energy. “We've found that our technology is a perfect fit for powering heavy-duty transit buses and Class 6 to 8 trucks with zero emissions.”

Rob Wingrove, Director of Product Development for Loop Energy, added that the range extender system has unlocked the cost, power, efficiency and durability parameters customers require for their heavy-duty electric powertrain systems. The size of the battery pack and the fuel cell can now be reduced thereby closing the economic gap with fossil-fuel powertrains.


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