New Flyer Achieves 350 Miles of Zero-Emission Range

Source: Electric Vehicles Research; Photo image credit: New Flyer of America Inc.

New Flyer of America Inc. announced a test demonstration for the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) achieved 350-miles of zero-emission range with a New Flyer forty-foot, heavy-duty fuel cell-electric Xcelsior CHARGE H2™ bus. These results exceeded the 300-mile range performance target by 17 percent without refueling. The forty-foot Xcelsior CHARGE H2™ was equipped with a Ballard Power Systems fuel cell, producing electricity in motion to continuously recharge the 100 kWh of batteries to power a Siemens electric drive motor. The bus operated for 28 hours and achieved 10.4 miles per diesel gallon equivalent. When the hydrogen tanks were fully depleted, the zero-emission bus operated on battery reserve for an additional 20 miles, to achieve a combined range of 350 miles. The demonstration was completed on OCTA’s Route 47 operating from Fullerton to Newport Beach in April 2019 with a payload representing fully-seated passenger capacity.

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