City of South Pasadena Goes Electric

The City of South Pasadena, Calif., recently purchased its first electric vehicle, the ZEUS 305 from Phoenix Motorcars LLC. The bus debuted in the city’s annual Fourth of July parade and has been consistently used by its Dial-A-Ride program ever since.

Based out of the South Pasadena Senior Center, Dial-A-Ride is the city’s public transportation service designed to meet the needs of seniors and disabled residents. On a daily basis, the ZEUS bus shuttles passengers to and from their medical appointments, in addition to their leisurely activities, such as shopping, aerobics classes, and luncheons.

According to the company, the bus’ fast charging capability allows for the vehicle to be fully charged in less than three hours, and the shuttle is expected to reduce more than 60 tons of carbon dioxide every year as compared to a conventional diesel shuttle.


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